Wednesday, October 09, 2013

busy bee {happy bee}

It's tough getting back into the swing of things after a week away. We went again to a very remote area of West Virginia to hubby's family farm. I haven't had time to upload pictures yet but you can see ones from our trip last year. It's so gorgeous there and the weather was perfect this time!

We've been back a week and a half now and as soon as I unpacked I hit the sewing machine. I'm officially in panic mode for the fall craft show that I'm doing on November 2nd! (last year, two years ago)

I have 7 quilts in various stages of completion at the moment!
in progress in progress
Today, I'm going to piece together a baby quilt and then hopefully get it and the top on the left basted. This is the part I really love. Making the quilts, matching fabrics with pattern, cutting, sewing them up and seeing the finished quilt. Very satisfying. The things I don't enjoy as much: making table runners. They are basically long little quilts but they are very limiting and more challenging design-wise.
So, my plan has been so far, happily breeze through a bunch of baby quilts and lap quilts and then tackle iPad covers and table runners.

Happy Wednesday!


Carla said...

You go girl! I'd love to see a pic of your booth this year ; )

knottygnome said...

sounds like you have a great plan. good luck and welcome back!

Lincoln Madison said...
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