Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hi & Bye!

We got back from our trip to my husband's grandparents farm in West Virginia and now I'm packing to leave for the Netherlands in two days! whew! Oh but I'm sooo looking forward to our trip to the Netherlands, kid free! I'm fortunate enough to be able to tag along with my husband who has to go there for work for a week.

We had a great and busy time at the farm in West Virginia last week. No one lives there full time anymore so there is always lots of work to be done to maintain it. Jack had the best time though, looking at creatures, playing on his dirt "mountain" and just hanging out with everyone! Here are the highlights. It's such a beautiful place!
We watched a storm blow by on the first evening we were there.
West Virginia trip West Virginia trip West Virginia trip West Virginia trip West Virginia trip West Virginia trip West Virginia trip
The old tractor was pure joy for Jack! (and the hubby LOL!)
West Virginia trip West Virginia trip
I feel so out of the loop because there was no TV, internet or cell phone reception there! but it was nice to be "unplugged" for a while.
It will be quiet here again for the next week and a half. See you soon and hopefully I'll have internet access so I can keep up with what you're all doing!


beth lehman said...

those photos of the storm are fantastic!!! we were just over some mountains from you in VA and that storm swept up FAST!

my husband and i were in the netherlands three summers ago. the best time of my life. i hope you have a great time!!

Maryse said...

Really impressive pictures! Have a great trip to Netherlands!