Monday, November 05, 2012

it went well!

I had a fantastic day at my local Etsy Handmade Harvest show! I was quite nervous actually, would I sell enough? what would people buy? I just hoped I would do as well as last year. Turns out I did double what I did last year! It was a ton of fun too.
Here I am getting things set up. Sister is helping.
Handmade Harvest 2012
And so is little Jack.
Handmade Harvest 2012
It's so funny what you think will sell and what actually sells. I thought this feather table runner would be the first thing to go but it never sold! I'm seriously thinking about keeping it for myself though. :)
Handmade Harvest 2012
My booth was a tad bigger this year than last year which was nice because it gave people more room to get in and hold quilts up and really look around. My booth neighbors were selling handmade soaps so I had lovely scents drifting into my booth all day. Bonus!
Handmade Harvest 2012
I didn't get any good pictures after the show started but it was packed! A great turn out for sure.

So, this little baby quilt was the first thing that sold!
Far Far Away III baby quilt
I used up almost the last bit of my Heather Ross Far Far Away 3 fabrics and bordered it with Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in Flax.
Far Far Away III baby quilt
Rapunzel made it in there too (she's from Far Far Away 2).
Far Far Away III baby quilt
And two large pieces of girls playing horses and golden flowers made up the backing.
Far Far Away III baby quilt
LOVE how adorable this quilt is! Very earthy feeling with all the linen.
More quilts to show later this week!


peaknits said...

What a great little spot, congrats on some great sales. Your projects are fabulous!

Holli said...

Congratulations, Emily! The quilts are gorgeous and SO ARE YOU!


Jenny said...

What a gorgeous booth! I'd have made a beeline straight there.

Maryse said...

Congratulations! It must have been fun with your sister!

knottygnome said...

very cool, congrats! your booth looks so colorful and inviting.

Carla said...

Whaaaaa! The quilt on the rack beside the zig zag quilt. I love it. Hope it went to a good home ; )