Friday, October 10, 2014

talk about long term project...

So, Carla and I have been lamenting our lack of progress on our Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks lately. I started mine in December of 2011. I just checked and the last block I made was in December 2013! yikes!
I've wanted to work on it but have just had too many other pressing projects going on. And I'd kind of forgotten about it. I was determined to make a block or two today.

This is the poor little block made nearly 10 months ago but never documented. #92 Streak of Lightning
#92 Streak of Lightning

Today, I went for the first easy block I flipped to in the book. #48 Homeward Bound
#48 Homeward Bound
And #111 Wrench
#111 Wrench
Boy, I feel so much better having made a little progress. I really, really want to finish this quilt someday soon.
Okay, Carla, your turn now!


Carla said...

Aaaahk! The pressure ! Your blocks are fabulous. I guess I should find mine.......
Thanks for the kick in the rear ; )

Franziska said...

The blocks look nice. And I think it's awesome to have a partner with whom one can make progress.