Saturday, June 07, 2014

scrap bustin' is now scrap war!

Okay, I know some of you experienced scrappy quilt makers were probably laughing pretty hard about me thinking I'd put a dent in my scraps with just that one little quilt. As I was cutting I came to a quick realization that I'd need to take more drastic measures. Scrap war is ON!

So, working bin by bin, I took every long scrap strip I could find and cut strips for a Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt (tutorial). The only discrimination I made was to leave out browns. Browns not welcome in this quilt, sorry!
I felt like I was cutting for forever but my stacks seem so small! It's interesting to see what colors you are strong in, I had tons of blues followed closely by pinks/oranges, then small stacks of yellows/greens and neutrals.
Scrap war
I ended up with 120 strips to make a good throw size.
The easy part is now done, sewing the strips together.
Scrap war
Have a great weekend!


Carla said...

I may have chuckled a bit ; )
You are posting faster than I can read them. You machine you.
I am looking forward to seeing this. I love scrappy trip quilts

Franziska said...

Interesting. I'm curious what it will look like

knottygnome said...

i've made scrappy trips a few times now but none of mine have come from scraps. i just don't store long strips and have to cut them from stash. strings and teeny scraps though...those i have in abundance.