Monday, May 06, 2013

another Optimism quilt

Well hello! I'm so excited to say that we have been in our new home for a week! The week before we moved in I spent painting every room of the house except for the bathrooms. Unfortunately, I hated my choice for the kitchen and living rooms so while unpacking this week I've also been repainting. Needless to say I am still up to my ears in boxes! So hopefully that explains the loooong absence! I hate being away from sewing/blogging/reading blogs/flickr for so long and I'm afraid it will be a bit longer before we're totally settled in.

This evening was so nice out and as I was unpacking the office/sewing room I found this quilt that I finished up the week before closing on the house.
I needed something simple and mindless so I turned to my own pattern, Optimism. I don't normally gravitate to these super earthy colors but the fabrics all came together, just like that. :)
Optimism throw quilt Optimism throw quilt
There's a little bit of everything in this quilt, Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Anna Maria Horner, Lotta Jansdotter and Essex Yarn-dyed Linen.
Optimism throw quilt
Optimism throw quilt
Those Joel Dewberry trees make a great backing!
Optimism throw quilt
I can't wait to get back to my sewing machine and catch up on my blog reading. I feel so out of the loop!
Have a great week everyone!


peaknits said...

What a sweet picture of your son! Congrats on settlng in and getting another fantastic quilt completed!

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Yay! Congratulations on the move!! I don't normally pick earthy color either but that is one gorgeous quilt! Cute kid too. ; )

Carla said...

This is so great! I love it

Heather D. said...

Very nice. Congrats on the new house! You're not the only one out of the loop. I totally am too, and I don't have the excuse of having just moved. I just haven't been sewing, but I hope to remedy that soon!!

knottygnome said...

congrats on your new home and that quilt is lovely. so homey!

Erica said...

Congrats on the new house!

I love the quilt. Those colors are gorgeous, I really love the orange.

Marta S. said...

I love how earthy some of your quilts are, including this one. It makes them that much more inviting and interesting and *beautiful*. You are a talent, my friend!