Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let's do this!

I am done, done, DONE! *happy dance* On Friday I bought the last gift, finished the Birdie Sling and wrapped them up. I am ready for Christmas and to enjoy some relaxation (and maybe a cocktail or two :).

I also finished hubby's weighted blanket but it's fairly boring looking so no pictures.

Here's the 4th Birdie Sling I've made (1st one, 3rd one and I realized I don't have a pic of the 2nd one that I made last Christmas for my sister).
Field Study Birdie Sling
A not-very-good picture of the lining:
Field Study Birdie Sling
I used brown thread on the handle this time and I like it much better than the cream thread I used on my other one.
Field Study Birdie Sling
Both lining and outer fabrics are from Anna Maria Horner's Field Study collection.
Field Study Birdie Sling
I really love how this bag came out! I hope my sister-in-law will love it too.

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all a lovely holiday!


Jenny said...

Lucky you, being done! The bag looks wonderful -- Merry Christmas!!

Maryse said...

Beautiful bag! I'm alsmot ready too! I think I'm going to sleep a little now ;-) Merry Christmas full of love and fun to you!

peaknits said...

I love your sling! I just wrapped up a reading pillow, a quilted pillow with a pocket for a book, and stuffed animal and a pair of socks I am right there with you, under the buzzer:)

Devin said...

Great bag! I love that Anna Maria fabric, she always has great colors. I'm sure your sister in law will/did love it!