Wednesday, September 26, 2012

back home

We're back from our trip to the Netherlands! Instead of uploading photos I've been sewing. I think I was starting to have withdrawals LOL!

I tried to finish up some works-in-progress but they were giving me fits. What to do? Start a new project!

half square triangles

I cut, sewed and trimmed a bunch of half square triangles for a baby quilt today. I think the trimmings are pretty.


Heather D. said...

That is a pretty pile of scraps! :) Welcome back from the Netherlands, what an exciting trip!

I was just perusing your etsy shop because I've just opened one of my own. I need to get it stocked up some more but everyone starts somewhere, right?

knottygnome said...

ugh trimming. one of my least favorite things to do. it does look chaotic and pretty though.

**nicke... said...

beautiful! glad you made it home safe and sound!