Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

I've never done one of these year end reviews before but since 2008 was an especially eventful year personally for me I wondered how my knitting fared.
I knew I hadn't knit nearly as much this year but I had no idea how much pregnancy put a damper on my projects. I think I'm more of a sweater knitter and having a big ole baby belly is not conducive to knitting sweaters. Regardless, I'm very happy with the things I did finish this year.
In fact, the two knits I hands down wear the most (besides scarves) are Buttony and Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi.

Of course, I'm most proud of becoming a mom this year. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful little boy, he is the best!
1. Buttony, 2. Zeebee, 3. Swatch Pillow, 4. Cavern Cardi, 5. Fuzzy Feet, 6. Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi, 7. Toasty Topper, 8. Tweed Beret, 9. Monkey Socks, 10. Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet, 11. Lace Ribbon Scarf, 12. Toast, 13. Evangeline Mitts, 14. Plain Socks, 15. Isaiah's Hat and mitts 16. Christmas Stocking 17. Mini Christmas Stocking 18. Baby Jack
See project details HERE.
I really don't have many specific goals for 2009 but I definitely would like to make a dent in my sock yarn stash and get myself organized enough so that I can make time to knit a little every day. First thing's first though, I am going to finish Lush and Lacy next!
Thank you all for reading! I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous 2009!

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