Sunday, June 08, 2008

Move over stash!

I am in full organizing/cleaning mode right now! I guess it's what they call "nesting". It's crazy!We live in a two bedroom house so the baby's room has been used a storage room/guest room pretty much since we've been here. I'm transferring all my yarn and unfinished projects from the dresser into plastic bins. You know, my sock yarn stash is actually smaller than I thought it was!! This actually isn't everything though. I have a few miscellaneous half started socks here and there but this is everything that is still in its original unwound, unswatched glory! I pretty much just started all of this organizing this weekend. So right now the room is in a state of absolute destruction because I've pulled everything out of the closet and onto the floor. I think it will take me several weekends to get it all organized.

I was able to clear a little patch of floor to take a picutre of the Amy Butler Gumdrop Pillow I made last weekend. I had bought an extra curtain panel so it will match the rest of the bedding and curtains in the room. It's the small size and I love how it came out! I'll show a better picture when the room is in better shape.

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