Sunday, June 01, 2008

Good to be home

Even though the weather wasn't ideal (rainy/snowy & cold) we had a wonderful time on our vacation!

Badlands National Park:

Lots of cool tunnels:Mount Rushmore:

I was able to get some knitting done too! I finished my Monkey socks. Aren't they LOUD?! I love them soft and the pattern is great to knit!Pattern: Monkeys by Cookie A.

Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes in the Summer Fruit colorway

Needles: US #2

I had originally planned to start the Trystero Socks but as I was looking at the pattern I realized that it may be a bit complicated for vacation knitting. So I wound up some lovely earthy colored yarn for some simpler socks. This is some Yarn Pirate Booty Club merino/tencel sock yarn.

I attempted to knit these in the Nutkin sock pattern but the yarn was pooling ugly with #2 needles. I tried going down to size #1 needles but they were just too tight. So I ended up going with more stitches on the #1 needles in plain stockingette stitch. I think if I have enough left over I will make some matching baby socks for "Junior".

By they way, the pregnancy is still going very well! He's been kicking more and more frequently and Hubby was actually able to feel a little kick for the first time the other day. It's so exciting!

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