Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's that time of year again!

Of course, you all know that the most important part of vacation planning is deciding what knitting projects to take. We are heading up to South Dakota to visit friends and Mount Rushmore so it will be a looong road trip, which means plenty of knitting time!

I'm really feeling the sock vibe right now so I think I will take mostly sock projects. I'm just a foot away from finishing my Monkeys socks so I'll definitely take those. And, it's not a sock project but I'll take my half finished Lace Ribbon scarf. I told myself that once I finish my Monkeys then I will allow myself to cast on for the Trystero Socks by Cookie A. I've been dying to knit these! the cable pattern is just so gorgeous and unique I think. I haven't completely decided on what yarn to use though. I think I've narrowed it down to some Plucky Knitter 100% BFL in "Grass is Greener" or my treasured Sweet Georgia sock yarn in "Blue Fig". I will take both and see what happens.And, just in case I get sick of all that fingerling weight yarn, I'll take some Lion Brand Chunky in charcoal for Kate the knitted cat. I want to copy this adorable version of it that I saw recently!

Well, I think I can check that off my to-do list now. I'm finishing up some little knitted gifts for our friends that we'll be visiting so I'll show those to you before we leave.

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