Sunday, April 20, 2008

I wish everyday were Sunday

Okay, not every day but I sure have enjoyed my Sunday today and am sad that it is almost over.
I was in the mood today to get something finished. I've been feeling a bit weighed down by all my WIPs. So, the Asymmetrical Cardi is blocking:
I will have a modeled picture in a few days after it drys.
And here's another FO I've had done for quite a while now. It is a pair of Fuzzy Feet for my hubby. I used a full skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted in some blue color and then some leftover grey for the toes. These were super quick to make but took foooooreeeever to dry. I'm definitely making myself a pair of these before next winter!
Also, I we had some fun in the kitchen today and made homemade soft prezels! They came out so good and they weren't hard to make, especially since there were two of us in the kitchen. Perfect for a relaxing Sunday!

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