Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've got a lot to learn!

See my toddler-sized socks:

Lesson learned: 48 stitches are too many stitches to cast-on for baby socks. The cuff seems small enough, I guess because I did 1x1 ribbing but the foot is just waaaay too large. I know it's hard to tell in the picture but trust me, they are too big. And yes, I know they will be grown into at some point but I want baby socks! This is some of my leftover Sunshine Yarn from my sadly neglected knee-high socks. It's a very, very thin yarn so I thought I should cast on more stitches to compensate for the smaller gauge. I think next time I will cast on something like 32 or 38 stitchs and do 2x2 ribbing for the cuff. We'll see how it works out. Any tips or advice are welcome!

And here is my other new project, the Asymetrical Cabled Cardi.

I'd better seriously hurry if I'm going to get any wear out this before a) it gets too hot, and b) I get too HUGE! I've got a few inches til I add the sleeves and start the yoke but this has been a really fun piece to knit. The cables look really complicated but they're actually pretty simple and easily memorized.

Oh and my Petal cardigan is almost done as well. I've picked up all the stitches around the body and am knitting the's a real PAIN in the you-know-what because there are about a billion stitches and I have to keep transferring stitches around on two different circulars to fit them all. I think I'll work on it this weekend and try to finish it.

Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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