Saturday, October 20, 2007


Well, I've been extremely busy sewing and knitting but not too much to show for it just yet. I had a little setback when my sewing machine died last weekend right in the middle of a project. I'm borrowing my Mom's machine so I'll have some things to show you tomorrow maybe.

In the mood for a quick project and a possible birthday gift, I ran to the local Michael's yesterday on my lunch break and got some supplies for Perdita. I made the Bluebell design in about 2.5 hours. What do y'all think?

The bead selection was definitely lacking there but I think these purplish ones work pretty well with the grey. Oh, and those US #1s with cotton thread...ouch! I never get sore hands from small needles or knitting with cotton but I guess when you combine the two it creates the perfect storm so to speak. I'll tell you, those special beading needles are amazing and an absolute must. Thanks for such a fun little pattern Elizabeth!

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