Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Confession Time

Okay, so I haven't been completely forthcoming about all the projects I've been working on. It seems I had a bad case of startitis that over the summer and frankly, I've been embarrased about it. Of course I know I have absolutely no reason to be....I'm just weird like that! :)
I think I started Ester months ago.

It was going really good until I discovered I screwed up a row. It's been so long since I've touched it that now I don't remember exactly what was messed up. I remember it was at the same time I discovered I completely forgot the waist shaping on the front piece of Josephine and was so disgusted I threw both Ester and Josephine down and haven't touched them since. But now I'm all inspired to get back to work on Ester after seeing a beautiful version on Ravelry. The cable pattern is actually very simple (when you're not in a knitting slump) and I've been cabling without a cable needle which make the knitting quite fast and fun. Hopefully, I can figure out where I left off!

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