Friday, August 03, 2007

Goodbye blue car

On another non-knitting note. I'm a bit sad right now because I sold my car yesterday. I loved that car.

This is the first day I had it (aren't I a nerd!). If anyone is thinking about getting one of these I highly recommend it...they are a blast to drive. But, I sold it because we are on a financial makeover and we are now completely out of debt except for the house mortgage! For that reason I am very excited and happy and it makes me feel really good about our financial future. I know this will pay off big time in the future and that I will be able to get another one someday.

Don't feel too bad for me though. We actually have another one because my husband wanted one after I got mine when he found out they are such great cars to drive. We call it "the red car" because it's red. However, it's not nearly as nice (it's older, no options) as the blue car because we bought it "wrecked" for super cheap and my husband fixed it up. So, at least I still have a fun car to drive but I sure will miss my blue one.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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