Sunday, July 29, 2007

and not a stitch was knit

I was out of town again last week for work. I've found that I just cannot knit when I'm on work trips. Even small projects like socks.
So not much progress was made on Josephine but I am almost finished with the back piece. I can't blame work trips for all my slow progress though. I have started a sewing project that has been taking away from my knitting time. Here are the beginnings of a quilt top:

I absolutely love the colors. I can't take credit for picking them out though because they were already bundled together as fat quarters in the store. My mom was big time into quilts when I was younger (she doesn't have the time these days) so I learned how to do it all from her.

Even though I'm spending half my time on sewing I still have a growing list of knits on my list that I want to start as soon as I finish Josephine. I love this Short Sleeve Blouson from the summer Knit 1 issue: What I'm really excited about is that it is knit top-down and in the round!
Next, I really like Zephyr Style's new Tree Jacket. It looks like the perfect cozy fall sweater. And I like the garter stitch and lace details.

I'd better get busy!

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