Thursday, April 19, 2007

So this is what stash is for

Whenever I get close to finishing a sweater I am overcome with the urge to cast on something new. Hence, the reason I cast on for Something Red....I was getting close to finishing the Tatami Kimono. And now that I'm getting close to finishing Something Red, I've started the Two-Tone Shrug from Fitted Knits! Insane, I know.

I was so excited when I looked in my stash and found some yarn suitable for the Two-Tone Shrug. This is the first time that I have ever done that before! My stash mostly consists of leftovers because I generally only buy yarn for specific projects that I will start in the near future. Except for sock yarn. That is different. It has its own drawer.

Anyway, I found a couple of balls of Knit Picks Swish leftover from my Lucy in the Sky cardigan in the Bordeaux color and a couple of balls in the Truffle color that I had originally bought to make Hubby a hat (he later informed me that he wanted grey, not brown). I actually never would've thought to put these two colors together but there they were in the stash drawer looking like best friends.

Yesterday I ordered some Knit Picks yarn for two more projects in Fitted Knits: some Shine Worsted for the Crisp Rectangle Tunic and Merino Style for the Puff-Sleeved Cardigan. Can't wait! Must. Finish. Other. WIPs!!!

Oh, and FYI....not this weekend but next weekend is the big blogiversary here and there may or may not be a contest that involves yarn prizes!

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