Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Year.

Happy one year Blogiversary to me! Well, technically it's tomorrow but...why wait?!!

It's amazing to look back one year ago and see how far I've come and how much I've learned about knitting and life in general! it blows my mind really. I've never been a real diary keeper type but this is the closest I've come to it. Yeah I don't share too many personal details here but just looking at the things I was making reminds me of other things that went on during those times. I had no idea if blogging would be just a passing obsession (not uncommon for me) or if I would even like it or have anything to say (the jury is still out on that one) but I found so much inspiration from other blogs and learned so many new techniques and tips about knitting that I wanted to share my experiences (good and bad!) to possibly help other knitters and sort of "give back". Reading other blogs also gave me the confidence that I don't think I would've had to just GO FOR IT! I mean, going from just garter stitch scarves to SO MUCH MORE. It's been really fun.

And to celebrate, MLE Knits will hold its first contest! It will be very simple. I want to know what first inspired your true love of knitting. Here is my story:

I've always been crafty at heart, thanks to my mother, an avid quilter and sewer who taught me so much. Skipping ahead to make a long story a little shorter. About two years ago I became interested in re-learning how to knit when a new friend of mind became pregant and started knitting baby items. So I learned. And I got a little book on chunky hats and scarves and that's what I knit for about a year. One day while surfing the net out of bordom, I stumbled upon Knit and Tonic. This, my friends, was the moment. The way Wendy wrote and the things she made totally inspired me and opened up a whole new world of modern, glamorous knitting for me. And I fell in love. I went back and read all her archives (she probably thought I was a stalker!) and not long after this I made my first garment. The rest is history folks! Isn't that funny how one thing can totally change your perspective on things.

So, just leave a little comment about what made you fall in love with yarn and knitting. It could be anything at all....a knitting book, a certain yarn, your grandmother, etc. Leave your comment before noon (CST) on Friday, May 4th and I will select one person randomly to win a prize! EVERYONE is welcome to participate! the more the merrier!

So, wanna see the prize? One skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Birches colorway.
To everyone who has left a comment, thank you! Your encouragement has meant a lot to me and made it all the more fun! And to all the lurkers, I know you're out there! Thanks for reading!

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