Monday, May 08, 2006

King Kong and knitting

You can get a LOT of knitting done while watching King Kong. I got more than half of my Gioia scarf/shawl thingy done. It's pretty cool...and I don't think I've screwed it up yet. The Noro Silk Garden is fun to knit with too.

My Minisweater has turned into a disaster and I don't think I'm going to be able to bring myself to look at it for a while. I got the main body of it finished and tried it on and it's waaaaay big!! I don't get it! Arrg! And I guess I don't have enough experience yet to know how to make it smaller because I would redo the whole thing if I knew how. :( oh well.

There are so many projects I want to do.....

The Honeymoon Cami from knitty.
The Fad-Classic from Knit and Tonic.
Actually, I had better stop there, otherwise I'll end up listing half of what's on knitty!

Oh bother. I was going to snap a pic of Gioia but the Mr. took the digicam out of town on business. Well, since I can't post those pics I'll post some pics of my little angels (look at those innocent little faces)!

Well, I'd better go to the gym now to do what I can to stave off the flat-butt syndrome one gets from sitting in a car two hours a day on one's commute, the eight to nine hours in computer chair at work, and the one or two hours I get to spend knitting/watching TV every night. hmmm.

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