Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scrappy Quilt #1 done!

People always say that these Scrappy Trip Around the World quilts come together relatively quick and I found that to be true for me as well. My least favorite part is ironing the seams of the strips in alternating directions, it's hard not to stretch and make things wonky but in the end it all works out.
Scrappy Trip Around the World
This is a lap size made with 20 12" blocks.
Scrappy Trip Around the World Scrappy Trip Around the World Scrappy Trip Around the World
I've been branching out a little with my quilting. I tried out sort of a scallop pattern. I absolutely love how it came out! It was really easy and fast to do too.
Scrappy Trip Around the World Scrappy Trip Around the World
So, that's one scrappy quilt down! A few more to go LOL! At least my scrap bins aren't overflowing anymore.


knottygnome said...

very nice! to me it has kind of a vintage look to it. i did scallop quilting on my first one too. love it.

maria said...

Beautiful. I love the colour scheme. Lovely photos too.

Carla said...

So you mean I could do that quilting on mine??
I have a bunch of donated scrappy trip blocks to assemble. Perhaps two smaller ones might be better than a big one. I like your scraps! Lovely

Heather @ Winding Bobbins said...

It's beautiful, and ooooooh, that backing is just fabulous!

Erica said...

Love your color scheme and the backing is just perfect. This is definitely one of my favorite Scrappy Trip quilts!

Laurel Krynock said...

So pretty! Love that quilting!!