Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby Optimism Quilt

Happy Friday! I have a super sweet baby quilt to show you today. It's a custom order for a very special, long awaited baby of a friend's friend.
I soooo enjoyed making it. The colors palette is really popular right now, coral, turquoise and yellow, but oh so pretty!
Baby Optimism Quilt
I just made a baby sized version of my Optimism Pattern which made it come together super fast.
Baby Optimism Quilt
I did loop-d-loop quilting on it.
Baby Optimism Quilt
And the backing fabric is Butterfly Bliss in teal from Pat Bravo's line Rapture. It was a perfect choice since the mother-to-be didn't want too much pink in the overall quilt.
Baby Optimism Quilt
Have a great weekend everyone!


Carla said...

You're on some kind of fabulous roll here. Beautiful colour way . Who ever thought coral would come back in : )

Franziska said...

Love it. I like the colours and I like the pattern. I want to make a quilt like this for my son but fot his big boy bed.

Heather @ Winding Bobbins said...

Very nice, love the FMQ!

Maryse said...

I love these colors together! It looks so fresh!