Thursday, March 20, 2014

going waaaay back

Boy oh boy do I have a treat for you today!
Last weekend my mom had a huge garage sale/moving sale. She wants to downsize a bit and move to a place where she'll enjoy when she's retired in a few years.
As I was helping out at the sale I came across all kinds of quilty goodies for the old days. I'm telling you, this is a real peek into my quilting past!

First off, a "quillow"...who remembers those? I suppose they're still around but you don't see them much in the modern, online circles. Who knows how old I was when I made this, 12 maybe?
Next up, probably one of the last quilts I made in my youth at home. Aren't those fabrics sweet!? I picked them all out myself (I was probably 13 or 14 maybe?). And I was in the process of hand quilting it (that's how my mom made most of her quilts, which explains why not too many actually got finished). Predictably, I lost steam on the hand quilting and never finished it.

Oh and this one is showstopper LOL!

P.S. Someone actually bought this at the sale.
This is a testament to my love of whimsy (it goes waaaay back!). I remember pouring over this booklet and wanting to make everything in it!

I actually found a lot of stuff that appealed to my current sensibilities. Like this book, Feathered Star Quilts. So many amazing variations.
This quilt was made between 1815-1830. Gorgeous!
This one was made in 1900 in Gainsville, TX, just up the road from me! Such bright colors.
All in all, while I'm not a fan of garage sales (because they are so much work!), Mom's garage sale took me down memory lane. And that was fun!


Franziska said...

Didn't you feel the urge to keep some of the quilts you made? Just curious.

Carla said...

You were fortunate to start quilting then. Wish I had of known about it when I was a teen. It would have kept me out of trouble! Your piecing was beautiful then too. That's one yard sale I would have liked to attend ; )

knottygnome said...

I'm pretty sure I owned the exact same cat book as a kid. it made me really want to learn to quilt and my mom and i bought all of the fabrics for it. then we never made it. i didn't learn to quilt for another decade +. small world, eh?

maria said...

I remember making a quillow when I first started quilting.
I love the photos of the old quilts. It's funny how well they would fit in with today's 'modern' quilts.

Heather D. said...

There was one year that my grandma made all of the grandkids quillows for Christmas - I think I probably have mine somewhere still.