Friday, January 24, 2014

New Years cleaning!

So, we moved into this house the first week of May and my sewing room/office hasn't changed since the first month we've been there.
When the mood struck a few weeks ago to finally go through and organize it, I took full advantage! There is nothing I hate more than organizing office stuff (we threw out floppy disks for goodness sakes!!!). But once it was done, it felt good. Really, really good!

Here are a few before and afters. The room is really small and has three(!) doors in it (a closet door and two entry doors, one from the hallway and one from the master bedroom, weird). That many doors in a room this small puts wall space at a premium.

I LOVE the window that's in front of my machine, it really makes the room so bright.

Someone insisted on being in the picture.

This is the shelf that holds all of my fabrics (okay, not all but most, solids I keep in the closet). It's not the most organized but it's worked well for me. The fabrics stacks are two deep but are easy enough to get to. The third shelf holds yard and larger cuts, it could use a little tidying up but hey, this is real life you're looking at. :)

Have a great weekend!


Franziska said...

It was really worth it. A huge difference.

knottygnome said...

very nice! i like your sewing table. (and yes, the way we shelve our fabrics is very different! i see that now)

Libby said...

So nice and bright! Love the floating shelves.