Monday, August 26, 2013

Croquet, anyone?

Here's what I'm working on today y'all!
16 patch with DS Quilts Croquet fabrics
Last week I went to JoAnns (I live too close to one now!) and got a 1/3 yard of each from Denyse Schmidt's new line Croquet when they were 40% off. I'm not sure if I love the fabric or the name of the fabric more! I have great memories of playing Croquet at our neighbor's when we were young, they were like grandparents to us.

The colors of this collection are great but when I got home I was worried they were a little too "granny-ish". Not that there's anything wrong with that! I decided to go with 16-patch blocks which are sooo fast to make. Now that I have several blocks made I think I'm really going to like it! It will have a great vintage appeal to it.


Carla said...

I think the vintage feel lends itself to that pattern. Nice!

Jenny said...

Looks pretty! I was kind of on the fence about these at first, and I only got five or six prints (because it's kind of mandatory). I didn't put them away immediately, and I found that the more I looked at them, the more I totally fell in love with them.

Heather D. said...

I think they're really pretty, and will make a great quilt. And I'm sure you'll add a little modern flair of some sort!

Toni said...

I adore the name, too! I actually think I like this line more than her last few at JoAnn. But even the ones I'm not crazy about really grow on me when they're chopped up and mixed together. You'll definitely have a fun quilt!