Friday, July 19, 2013

the pillow behind the quilt

So, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was contemplating ideas for another pillow for our couch. I knew I wanted a plus to be in the center so I got onto the Threadbias Design Tool (love that thing!) and came up with a double plus design. As I was drawing it out I thought, this would make an awesome quilt.
Double Plus Pillow
So, that's how my Double Plus Quilt came to be! Double Plus Quilt
I went with a Denyse Schmidt fabric (from Chicopee) for the center plus and Essex Linen in Black and Flax for the backgrounds.
Double Plus Pillow
It came out exactly how I envisioned it!!! The Essex linens really give it almost a vintage army/wool blanket feel. Love it!
Double Plus Pillow
Okay, I promise I won't talk any more about double pluses! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Toni said...

The quilt and pillow are both so fabulous! Definitely a great "guy" quilt. And you are exactly right about the Essex looking like a wool blanket!

Carla said...

It IS very awesome! Love your work

knottygnome said...

love the pillow! i'm a big essex fan as well--great texture.

Devin said...

Love the plus design on quilts! Love the wool, the colors, love it all! Also, I love the little flip flopped feet underneath the quilt photo :)

Maryse said...

I really love that pellow! The fabric is amazing together!