Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Divided Basket

Well this was a fun project!
I've been wanting to make this Divided Basket since I first saw it. The other day I found myself with a half yard of a very large scale print of Field Study linen and no idea of what to do with it (why oh why did I only buy half a yard!). I immediately thought I would make a bag but then that basket caught my eye when I was browsing through Anna's patterns (I've made the 241 Tote so I know how well written her patterns are).
Divided Basket
As I was making this I started thinking it might be a great little item to sell at our local Etsy fall craft show.
Divided Basket
The only thing I did differently from the pattern was use only the fusible fleece interfacing instead of that and the regular interfacing. I try my best to do as little interfacing ironing as possible LOL!
Divided Basket
So fun and simple! I'm sure I'll be whipping up some more of these over the next few months.
Divided Basket


knottygnome said...

very cute! i think they would be great at a craft fair. i should make some more myself for a show i'm hoping to do this November.

Heather D. said...

It looks great Emily. What a fabulous print fabric that is.

Carla said...

This is so pretty! I love that fabric so much. I think I will break down and buy that pattern. I think a basket full of goodies would make such a nice gift : )

Patti said...

I've made this a couple of times, and it is just a fantastic pattern. I sure do like your fabric choice for it!!

peaknits said...

This is so adorable! I have been meaning to get this pattern! I come to you for sewing inspiration and you deliver:)

Nicola said...

Love your basket! I've made several of these too, and really like the fabrics you've used. It looks great! :)

Maryse said...

This is a lovely basket bag!

Karen H said...

What a lovely basket! I'm just in the process of making the 241 tote and am now inspired to make a basket too!