Friday, May 31, 2013

3 things

Happy Friday!

Here are a few quick things that are on my mind.

1. I wish I were back on the beach in Hawaii! (instead I'm preparing for a massive garage sale tomorrow)
Hawaii - the big island

2. I wish I was cutting into this stack of fabric. (instead, see above)
fabric stack

3. I'm very proud of myself for not buying any fabric for the past 2 months! It sure helps when you are too busy painting, moving, unpacking, vacationing and preparing for a massive garage sale. There have been a lot of tempting sales lately too. I have my eye on several new collections though.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Anna said...

have a fun garage sale!!! and love that fabric stack. :)

Cari said...

Aaah, why did I have to click on that link? Want Tule - want it NOW!!! :) Good luck with the garage sale.

Carla said...

I would love to see what you are going to do with that fabric stack too! Maybe after the garage sale you could buy more fabric! Enjoy your day : )