Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Business Cards

Happy pre-Thanksgiving! I've got some pies to bake today.

I had a slight blunder at the Etsy craft show earlier this month when I realized that my business cards still had my old email address that I had to cancel when we moved. Oops! So, when I got home from the show I promptly ordered new ones. 
Even though it's just a standard design on Vistaprint, I'm super happy with them!
new business card
Some new fabric treats. I totally had to have that Tree Bark fabric!New fabrics
A few more Farmer's Wife blocks:
#86 Squash Blossom
#86 Squash Blossom

#46 Hill & Valley
#46 Hill & Valley

P.S. Thanks for the advice on interfacing! I've finished my bag and I'll be posting it soon. :)

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knottygnome said...

i like the business cards! i really love that plaid fabric in the stash pic. is it the new joel dewberry?