Tuesday, August 21, 2012

must make NOW!

Oh if only I weren't knee deep in packing boxes!!! There are two things that I'm obsessed with right now. First, a Washi Dress. I've always thought it was really cute but I totally fell in love with it after seeing this version.
Second, I really want this Feather Bed Quilt! I knew I would have to make one the minute I saw it. I'm thinking my other new fabric acquisition might be nice for the feathers. Chicopee fat quarter bundle pre-ordered from Stash Fabrics.

Chicopee fat quarter bundle

That red there on top is such a gorgeous red! I have hardly any red in my stash because I can never find the perfect shade. I'll need to get some yardage of that one.


**nicke... said...

oh lovely! that washi dress is awesome!!!!

peaknits said...

I love that version of the Washi dress too! Thanks for the inspiration, again:)