Monday, August 20, 2012

{good} cause

Hey guys, just in case you weren't aware, I wanted to mention the Action Kivu Fundraiser that Handmade by Alissa is doing. Having been to Africa twice now I can vouch for what an incredible difference a small donation makes! Action Kivu is such a great cause, I hope you will consider donating even just $10. And the prizes are INSANE! It was double motivation for me to get my name in the drawing. Today is the last day!

Anyway, I did indulge in a few goodies last week. I really wanted the whole line of Anna Maria Horner's new Field Study line (except for the leopard prints....not my thing I guess) but I forced myself to chose just a few of my favorites.

Field Study

I hate to admit that I have some more new fabric acquisitions to show off (what?! this is a tough time of year for me with all the gorgeous new fabric lines coming out!) but I'll save them for the next post since I really should be packing up the kitchen right now.

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**nicke... said...

i have been keeping my head in the sand with all of the fabric coming out! i LOVE field study and i need some madrona road, and i have to have indie and center city... and... the list goes on and on...