Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Happy Wednesday to everyone! I'm feeling chatty today. :) I had a random thought pop into my head today when I was making lunch. I started thinking about all my favorite Hugh Grant movies. Him and his British accent are so cute! My absolute favorites are, in no particular order, About A Boy, Music and Lyrics, Bridget Jones' Diary, Two Weeks Notice and Love Actually. It must be because it's a cloudy, cool day and that makes me want to watch movies (even though I rarely do). Also, with the holidays coming I like to plan some serious downtime. What are your favorite cozy up-downtime-happy feeling romantic comedies?

Hey look! I've been knitting! Avery scarf
After seeing Sarah's Avery I knew this was the project to get my knitting mojo back on track. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The Tweed Katmandu Aran isn't the best at showing off the stitches but whatevs, it was what I had in my stash that I knew wouldn't scratch my neck too bad and the color will go with everything (I'd say it's a very dark charcoal gray with flecks of blue).

Also, I thought I'd share a mosaic of all the different quilts I've made over the past 2 months to prepare for the Etsy craft show.
quilt mosaic
This isn't actually everything but most of it. You can see bigger pics of each on Flickr.


Holli said...

Hooray for knitting, Emily!

And I totally love (LOVE!) the tree quilt and the brown quilt with pinks/yellow stripes (third row, far right). GORGEOUS work all around.


PS I adore Hugh Grant. In fact, I have a dear friend who is kind of like my very own version of HG; British, smart, sassy, darling, hilarious and just plain into himself -- he even drives a small sports car like the HG in About A Boy. It's fantastically fun to hang out with him, and hear of all the HG-esque situations he finds himself in. Thanks for getting me thinking about Mr. Grant. He's a love!

knottygnome said...

lovely AND prolific! i also really like the texture of your scarf.

i'm not a huge HG fan, but i liked About a Boy and i will sometimes admit to enjoying the first Bridget Jones. but mostly b/c of Mr. Darcy.

Jacqueline said...

hi Emily- What is the pattern for the first (on left) quilt on the third row from the top? I love it... looks like crosses. Thanks bunches- Jacqueline

Maryse said...

So many quilts in 2 months! Your knitting is going well too. The yarn is gorgeous! My favorite chicks movies are: When Harry Met Sally, Sweet Home Alabama and How to Lose a Man in 10 Days! I've watched them so many times ;-)