Thursday, September 01, 2011

~the fair~

The other fun event I look forward to in summer is the North Texas State Fair. It has a much more small town fair feel than the State Fair of Texas (in Dallas) does and I really like it. It has a number of free things for the little kids to do and it's small enough that you only have to spend an evening there, which is all Jack can handle anyway. The important thing is that I got to eat my annual cheese nachos and funnel cake.


The petting zoo is fun.

This is what Jack did when we asked him to go pet the baby goat so we could take a picture.

And, on total impulse and after reading this post from Amanda, I entered a few of my quilts.

It was hard to tell how many entries were in the categories I entered (seemed like there wer hardly any) so for all I know, this second could be out of 2. But it was fun to see them hanging there anyway!

I cannot believe it is September already!!! I have 2 big finished quilts to show you I just don't have pictures of them yet.
Looks like we'll finally dip below 100 degrees this weekend and I am so, SO excited about it!


Maryse said...

State Fairs are fun! Congratulations on your prizes! I can't believe it's already September either...

knottygnome said...

ooh, congrats, and i can't wait to see your new quilts.

Ursula said...

Congrats on your winnings with the beautiful quilts! The fair is so much fun! I think my Jack was as involved with the animals as your Jack with the goat :) BTW Jack's shirt would be a hit here too...