Thursday, August 25, 2011

Warm Cool Quilt

Here is my finished Warm Cool Quilt! I was a little late to the party for the quilt along but it was fun to make anyway.
Warm Cool Quilt

Warm Cool Quilt

Warm Cool Quilt

I continued the warm cool theme on the back as well.
Warm Cool Quilt

Warm Cool Quilt
Very happy with how this turned out!


knottygnome said...

ooh, i really like your layout and that pretty backing fabric.

juicyknits said...

This is so so pretty. I really like this one. You should be proud, it turned out to be a beauty!

Anonymous said...

I am working on a quilt right now with the exact piece shapes, but it has a totally different look! It's amazing how fabric choice can completely change a quilt. I love yours! The warm and cool colors are awesome.

Meredith said...

Very nice! I love how there are so many different colors and patterns yet they go together so well!

Maryse said...

What I love about quilts is often the back! I always look forward to see how that side turns out! It's another beautiful quilt! Very bright and happy colors!

peaknits said...

It looks outstanding! I really want to do this - it's on the short list!:)

Bea said...

Love this!