Thursday, August 04, 2011

project #1 completed for August goal

On Monday I finished up this custom quilt order. I was given free reign on choosing the color scheme so I hope the recipient likes it! The color scheme was totally inspired by this quilt.


Some lovely Joel Dewberry on the back (sorry for the poor picture quality).

And even though I was making my own pattern I still managed to mess something up. Do you see it????

I'm hoping you don't.

In that case, let me point it out:
I discovered this little slip up while basting the layers together just before quilting. I'm just going to call it the charm of a handmade quilt! :)
P.S. if you missed my last post, my goal for August is to FINISH projects (hence the title of this post).


juicyknits said...

I did not see the "mistake". Yes, that's the charm of handmade things. I love the combination of brown and blue tones.

Anonymous said...

Love the blue and Orange combo! I'd say that mistake is very small in the realm of what could go wrong. Definitely the charm of a handmade quilt. beautiful work!

Meredith said...

Lovely! The colors are great.

peaknits said...

I love it! The colorway is perfect and I would have never noticed that mistake - consider it serendipity, it's perfect!

Elizabeth said...

I didn't see the "mistake" at all. It's completely gorgeous!

Laurie said...

I love this quilt! Is it just a nine-patch cut in quarters?