Sunday, July 31, 2011

no picture perfect life here

You know you need to clean your sewing area when it takes you 10 minutes to find your pincushion and rulers.
no picture perfect life here
Yikes! (click the picture to see a bigger/scarier version)
It embarrasses me to show this but hey, it's my real life. I get so caught up in sewing, sewing, sewing that I don't take the time to tidy up. Plus, I just have SO. MANY. projects going right now I'm about to explode! It's not that I don't finish what I start, it's just that things come up (like custom orders & gifts) that are time sensitive and I have to drop what I'm working on to do those.
My goal for August is to really focus on finishing all the projects I have going right now and do some tidying up!


Maryse said...

There's no better way to get motivation to tidy up than posting on the internet ;-) It's not so bad, I'm sure that after an hour or two it will be much better. Actually tomorrow is supposed to rain and I kind of want to do something similar in the basement because I will have visitors at the end of the week ;-) Have a great August!

knottygnome said...

you are a brave woman. i'm not as brave as you are (but just as messy). :-)

Jen said...

I LOVE seeing 'real' work areas. They feel very creative to me, even if they aren't 'perfectly organized'. BTW - I use that same IKEA dining table for my own sewing table! :D
- disentangled

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I have basically hung the sewing and stamping up and took on knitting full time. I got to where the mess of the 2 above crafts were driving me insane. I am NOT a neat crafter! Knitting makes no mess and is so portable!!!!

Your quilts ARE truly beautiful and so very colorful, it DOES make me want to make one!