Tuesday, December 22, 2009

going just a little insane

Well, despite my best efforts, I'm scrambling to get all the last minute stuff done. It didn't help that we spent part of last week in Vail, CO to visit a cousin. We drove. That was a BIG mistake. Jack was ready to get out of his car seat after the first hour. Not good. He wasn't really impressed with the snow either although he looks like he's having fun in the picture. I think 15 months old is too young for such a long trip. Oh well, it sure was beautiful there!Unfortunately, this is all the knitting that got done on the whole 18 hour drive!!! (that's just one way)
Pretty pathetic. But, Jack is not a car sleeper and had to be entertained the whole time. You can tell it wasn't much of a "vacation" for me. My Berry and Bramble cardigan is "this" close to being finished. I really, really wanted to have it done for Christmas but it's just not going to happen.

I've also been busy with this last minute Christmas commission for a custom table runner:

Despite all of this I am really looking forward to Christmas! I love watching people open up gifts that have been thoughtfully chosen or made just for them.

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