Monday, October 05, 2009

My Little Man

It just doesn't get any cuter that this.He's still pretty unsteady on his feet but he can move surprisingly fast, which makes for difficult photography!

Pattern: Pebble

Yarn: less than one skein of Peace Fleece Worsted wool in the Ancient Fern color

Needles: US #9

Notes: This came out exactly how I wanted it to. I used thicker yarn and larger needles to get a larger vest. It fits fairly snuggly but I haven't blocked it yet so I think it should grow just a bit. I have to admit, Jack wasn't completely thrilled with wearing it but I think he's just been used to the light summer clothes he's worn for the past 5 months. Hopefully, he'll appreciate it more when it gets really cold here ( ;-). The buttons I used are definitely too big but they'll work. I'm just happy that I finished something! and now my boy has something hand knit for winter.

Lots and lots of sewing going on around here. Stay tuned for some exciting news (no, I'm not pregnant). Hint, hint, it has to do with said sewing.

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