Thursday, May 07, 2009

happy things.

With summer right around the corner my thoughts have turned to quilts. Or, I should say....the sewing of quilts. I ran across several awesome blogs that have so many inspiring quilts!I've had this stack of mostly Amy Butler fabrics for a while now but I just can't decide what quilt pattern to make with them. I've put them out on my table so I can drool over them on an hourly basis.

In the mean time, I've started stripey socks. This is Knit Picks Felici Self-Striping Sock yarn. I am totally in love with this stuff!!! It looks like a very thin yarn and I expected it to feel even thinner, like the KP Essentials Sock. In fact, it is very firm and soft and not splitty at all! And these colors just make me smile! I think this is the discontinued Coney Island colorway.

I've actually had a good bit of time to knit the past few days since I am recovering from ingrown toenail surgery (sorry, gross, I know). It's been a great excuse to just sit on the couch in between taking care of the baby.

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