Saturday, August 02, 2008


It is sweltering here! yuck! and it doesn't help that I have a little mini human heater inside me. He is all in my ribs all the time now. It's amazing how strong they are. Needless to say, not much knitting has been done lately and progress is slow on Lush and Lacy. I gotta tell you, Lush and Lacy is a bit much for my poor prego brain to handle. I want my brain back!

Anyway, since I don't really have any interesting knitting pics to show I thought I'd share some of the nursery. The wall color is not quite as dark as it appears in these pictures. We had that Ikea chair in the office originally and I'm hoping the bounciness of it will be good in place of a rocker. My first shower is this weekend and I'm so excited!!

He's really growing!

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