Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A must have book!

Wow, THANK YOU for all the compliments on my Cavern cardigan!!! you guys are so sweet!

After seeing a few reviews of Sensual Knits around the blogosphere, I picked up my own copy today at the bookstore. I'm not really one to buy knitting books so much because there always seem to be only one pattern I like in the whole thing. Oh. My. Goodness. ALL the knits in this book are gorgeous!

These three are my most favorite!
Vixen Camisole:
Balloon Sleeve Jacket:
Seeded Cables Cardigan:

I absolutely MUST knit this Seeded Cables Cardigan!! It looks really challenging but I just adore the cables.

I haven't really looked over the book in great detail but it seems to be well written with plenty of measurements and schematics. The thing that most surprised me was how many knitted dresses are in this book (like 4!). Sorry, but there is just no way I am ever going to knit a dress. But, this book is definitely worth the $20 (or cheaper if you get it online and have the patience to wait for it)!

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