Monday, February 05, 2007

Out of the Dark Ages....

Ok, so, I've just discovered Bloglines. Can you believe it?!! I knew what it was I just never knew how it all worked. Well, turns out, it's easy peasy. Now I can't believe I waited this long to check it out.

So, anyway, I've been tagged by Lara for the 5 Secrets About Me meme! I had to think about it for a little while but this one is easier than the 6 Weird things meme because you just have to list things about yourself that you have not previously revealed on your blog.
  1. I have recently started collecting original edition Nancy Drew books. I really enjoyed them when I was young and read quite a few of them. I'm not going for "collectors" quality or 1st editions or anything, I just want to get all of the original (before they were "revised" to modern language) edititions. So far I have 6 out of 56.
  2. I am the oldest out of 8 children. My parents had me, my sister, and my brother and then adopted 1 brother when I was 8 and then adopted 4 more after I was 16. My family is very diverse which I think is really neat...we have Korean, Equadorian, and Guatamalan.
  3. Even though I'm a big homebody, I really like to travel a lot! The only continents I haven't been to are Africa and Antarctica and I don't really have plans on visiting the latter! My favorite place is New Zealand and I've been lucky enough to have been there twice!
  4. My husband and I met on a blind date that was set up by a neighbor of mine. I think that's the only blind date I've ever been on! We just hit it was pretty cool!
  5. I used to be really big into road cycling when I was in college and didn't work full time. Two years in a row I participated in a famous bicycle ride called the Hotter 'N Hell 100. It's a ride held in North Texas in August and it's 100 miles. People come from all over the country to ride it. It's infamous for the triple digit heat you get to ride in. It's an accomplishment that I'm very proud of and I hope to do it again someday when I don't spend 2 hours a day in my car commuting.

So, that's it! Now, Disentangled, Jen, Alyssa, Emilee, and Maureen you are tagged!!!

BTW, sorry about the "new" posts that are popping up if you have me in your bloglines. I've been going back to old posts and adding labels to them and they get republished.


Laura B said...

bloglines is definitely helpful! i don't know how much time i spent going through bookmarks pre-bloglines!

that's so sweet that you met your husband on a blind date.

emily elizabeth said...

8 Kids! Wow. I had one sister and thought that was too much! w

Emilee said...

Oldest of eight! Wow. That sounds like a really neat family.

Annie said...

I just discovered bloglines, too! In fact I was coming over to your blog to subscribe! heh heh

allisonmariecat said...

Good for you...I haven't mastered bloglines yet. I think I signed up, but I never remember to check it.

I LOVE the original Nancy Drews! I have the first few, but I had them all as a kid. Not sure where they went.

Anonymous said...

How cool about meeting your husband on a blind date! Yeah, Bloglines is handy- there's also Google Reader, if you're ever looking for another option. :)