Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter Cometh....

....well, for a few days anyway. We've been having some sleet and a few flurries on and off this morning and it sure is COLD!! The high for today: 32 degrees! Yesterday the high was 80...I'm not kidding you.

See, here I am in short sleeves modeling my finished Yarntini Scarf (yesterday):

And here I am taking a picture of myself while it's snowing/sleeting and 30 degrees:

Snow here is such a novelty. I get soooo excited when we get to see some of the white stuff flying through the air!

So, my Yarntini Scarf!!! I absolutely love it!

Pattern: my own based on the stitch pattern from Jaywalkers

Yarn: 1 entire skein of Yarntini superwash fingerling sock yarn in Grape Ape

Needles: #3 Knit Picks circular

The dimensions ended up being 5" by 72" after blocking. The colors of this yarn were incredibly hard to capture. The purples keep coming out bluer than they should be. Anyway, I just can't say enough good things about this yarn. It is soft, squooshy, non-splitty, and you can't beat the colors! I will definitely be going back to this yarn in the future.


Emilee said...

Nice scarf!

I can't believe that it snowed in Texas, it hasn't snowed in Boston yet!

Maureen said...

That's a great scarf--I love the colors. Oh, and it was 60 degrees here in Upstate New York today. The world (weather-wise anyways)is literally turned upside down!

jen said...

It's lovely! And you'll need it if the weather's all snowy. :)

domesticat said...

awesome scarf! i hope it kept you warm standing out there in short sleeves in 30 degree weather! and that you don't have pneumonia right now!

Disentangled said...

I love it!! Like I said before, I am definitely going to copy you on that one! Thanks for such a great idea. :-)

Romi said...

Wow! *Great* scarf! :)