Sunday, December 03, 2006


In a fit of (very rare) organizational inspiration, I managed to finally make a needle case for all my double pointed needles. I just made a few measurements and found some scrap fabric and got down to work.

And here it is all wrapped up! It's nothing fancy but it's functional. And that is exactly what I wanted. Just imagine, all those needles mixed up in one big pile and everytime I needed a set I'd have to grab a handful and go through them one by one. Not any more!!! Just think of all the knitting time that will be gained....heheh!

Anyway, I've started a few new projects. Although I shouldn't have because I still need to finish Grandma's Clapotis. But here's a little sneek peek of the Aran Braid socks:

I have NOT been able to put these things down!! It's the Yarn Pirate sock yarn that I LOVE! I'm almost done with the first sock...will finish it tonight. :)


Yarn It said...

I need one of those cases! I guess I could make one pretty easily. Yours turned out great. I LOVE that sock yarn. So pretty.

allisonmariecat said...

I love the sock yarn!

Wow, that case is amazing. It beats the heck out of my "big tote bag o' needles" that takes me 20 minutes to find the ones I need...