Monday, November 27, 2006

Super quick

I have a new winter hat! It took me about 4 or 5 hours maybe.

Pattern: Make Make yarn hat pattern

Yarn: Olympus Make Make

Needles: #6 dpns

Mods: the gauge seemed to be way off in the pattern. It called for 6 sts per 1" but I did the calculations and that would make the circumference of the hat 17" and my head is 22". So I went with a gauge of 5.25 sts per 1" and it fits really well. Also, I took note of the issue that Alyssa had with her hat being to short (beanie length) so I added about an 1.5" before starting the crown decreases. Blogland is terrific! I just really love the color and subtle striping of the yarn!

And here is my contribution to the last several weeks of fall. The one bush in our yard that had some pretty leaves:
We're expecting an arctic winter blast this week so I'm sure this is the last I'll see of my (very poorly taken care of) roses as well. It's been very warm lately so I think they're a little confused.


Alyssa said...

I love it! The pink is fantastic:)

ae said...

what a great hat - perfect colors. and your roses are beautiful!!

Sue said...

Love that hat! I need to make myself one of those soon. It doesn't help that it still feels like September outside right now!

Emilee said...

Cute hat! I love that raspberry color.

Yarn It said...

Adorable hat! It looks so cute on you. I think I need one. Too bad Kpixie is out of that color. I love your Pomatomus socks also. They look great. I still haven't made any socks. Maybe someday - for now I will just admire those out there in blog land!

msubulldog said...

Really cute! Pretty yarn and sweet bobbles. :)