Sunday, July 23, 2006

Projects, projects, and more projects!

Ok, so I went on a little Knit Picks yarn spree. In my defence, I have a project in mind for all of them. Okay, and the shipping was free. The Shine sport in Orchid is for the Ballet Camisole, some blue Essential sock yarn for socks....let me tell you how soft this stuff is! I was really surprised! Also got some Shimmer in Maple Leaf for a stole or shawl, Shine worsted in Cream for a shrug, and the Sierra in Cranberry for a purse maybe. They ship so quickly too! You just can't beat Knit Picks!

I'm making progress on my green Orangina but not without some tinking ever so often to keep me on my toes!! :( You see my mistake in the pic? well, I had to tink back 4 rows to fix it. And just before I discovered this mistake I had just finished unknitting 4 or 5 rows fixing a mistake on the other panel (I'm knitting both panels on circs from two balls of yarn at the same time). That's what I get for trying to knit this while watching exciting Tour de France mountain stages. I have almost 7 inches done on both front and back panels.

Oh and I've found a sweater I really want to make for winter(maybe in a few months after it starts cooling down a bit). It's Forecast and I want to make it will Peace Fleece in Ancient Fern. I first saw it when I was browsing blogs and came across the one that the gal over at So Much Yarn, So Little Time made! Her's turned out so beautifully! Anyway, I keep telling my self, "One thing at a time!!"....yeah right!


Disentangled said...

I can't tell you how many of those little Orangina oops I made. Off by one and everything starts stacking up. At least you can see them pretty quick.

I've got Sierra in that same color that I am currently (on hiatus) making into a Starsky. It's a great yarn.

Jennifer said...

Ooh, nice yarn load you got there! I had to restrain myself with the recent KnitPicks order- did you seen all the new yarns? gah!