Saturday, June 24, 2006

Invasion of the Cocoons

Sounds like the title of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, doesn't it? These little buggers are completely covering our bushes....there must be thousands of them! Creepy.

Anyway, on to knitting stuff. Look at my Green Gable! It's actually a bit farther than this now because I took this picture the other night. I think it's going to fit. The Cotton Fleece seems to be really rough on my fingers when I'm has a lot of "grab" and really holds onto the needles....this would have been a good one for addi turbos probably. But I like the finished fabric.
I looooove the way my Fad-Classic is turning out too! I was really unsure about how the 2x2 binding off was looking but now that it's on it looks fine. I'm really going to try to finish this one today but I have a lot of picking up and knitting stitches and that's not really my favorite. The neck and the arms. We'll see how it goes least she doesn't give you a set number to pick up because that's what I always have a hard time with.

BTW: Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my Honeymoon Cami! :)

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