Friday, May 26, 2006


So here is my new yarn that came in earlier this week when I was out of town. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to lack for any projects over the holiday weekend. The Tahki Cotton Classic is for Fad-Classic. I'm telling you, that Wendy is so talented! She's got some cool stuff. I can't wait to make it! The Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece is for the Green Gable which I also can't wait to cast on for. The one thing that is stopping me from starting on these is that they all call for #6 needles and I only have one pair which is currently in use for the Honeymoon Cami. Hmm, maybe I should fix that!
Coming soon!! pics of my finished Minisweater!!

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Deena said...

Your mini sweater is adorable. I made the Honeymoon Cami and you have to be careful with the straps. They may be too long if you follow the pattern. Try it on to make sure you get the straps right.