Monday, January 19, 2015

Vintage Style Bowtie Quilt

Hey guys! It's Monday, hope you're week is off to a great start!

I've got some very mediocre, boring brick wall photos of a really GORGEOUS quilt! I do want to step up my photography skills but I always end up taking the quick and easy way out by snapping the same old pics.

This quilt I love! I was totally inspired by this vintage bowtie quilt I saw on Pinterest.
Hadley Bowtie Quilt
Denyse Schmidt fabrics are so perfect in a quilt like this. Modern but vintage all at the same time. I made 7" bowtie blocks using mostly Hadley fabrics with a few solids and Katie Jump Rope prints mixed in.
Hadley Bowtie Quilt
Even the backing is a Denyse Schmidt fabric from JoAnn's.
Hadley Bowtie Quilt Hadley Bowtie Quilt
This quilt really makes me smile!


tracy_a said...

Makes me smile too!

knottygnome said...

very nice! love DS.

Carla said...

Oh Emily, look at you! It's gorgeous and you did that loopy thing again. Love it!

Pamela Lynne said...

This is wonderful! I have been wanting to make a bow tie quilt for quite awhile now. I've got the fabrics pulled, but haven't been able to find a good tutorial for the block. Any suggestions? Also, I love your loop style quilting - do you start towards the center but on one edge? I've never quilted a top yet - but I must start and I think I could do this. Thanks for sharing.